Monday, July 25, 2005

News travels fast at work. I got in Monday morning and already fellow colleagues were asking the big question... why? All were sad I was going, some upset, others happy for me, wishing me well. I even got a few resources to help me in my endeavors. I need to keep a database of people and resources for networking. I started a list today.

Tomorrow I am signing up for the class "How to Start a Small Business". I heard the class fills quickly. I hope I can still get in.

Friday, July 22, 2005

I am a mother of two working full time in Corporate America. I've had an itch to leave after nine years with the same company. It's not a bad company and I enjoy working there and the people are great. But I am looking for something else... challenging and fulfilling, yet flexible to my needs as a mom.

Something changed in me four years ago when when I held my first daughter in my arms. I can't quite explain it but the feeling was that this little girl is now my ultimate focus. I thought I could be supermom and I did ok with it in the beginning. About two years after that time, I started requesting part-time or even reduced hours, as I had become pregnant with my second child. There was always a reason why it didn't work out and to be honest I didn't really push it hard enough.

Now four years later, the opportunity has come that I just can't pass up. The company has offered a volunteer exit incentive package. With this package, I would have about six months salary paid, which would give me time to focus on what to do next. The kicker is that the employee submits the request, but the company evaluates whether you are approved to receive the package and what date you would be terminated. Will I be approved? I could be denied... or I could be approved, and if so what will the date be?

Then again, I don't really care what the date is, I really want to find a way to spend more time with my children. I just refuse to loose any more time...