Saturday, March 29, 2008

So I haven't gotten back to you on the huge success the Las Vegas Magic Marketplace was for the Bug Zoo brand! We got some great contacts, four immediate summer orders that we added in last minute and potential for more in the fall and even next summer as many were finished for this summer. As I am getting to know my new customers as well as potential customers and networking contacts, I am realizing that ENK in New York is the happening place to really do the show. We just missed that a couple of weeks back. The next one is in August to show the spring/summer line (most important). Could be tricky having a baby and doing a show as well. Hmmmm! Have to figure that one out. Not great timing...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am half way through the pregnancy! 20 weeks already. Boy is it going fast. Today my husband and I picked our son's name, Joshua Karl. Karl is his great grandfather's name. We were going over quite a few names but Joshua seemed to stick more than the others. Too many boys name don't go well with our last name. But today, after the church service, it seemed to hit home for us that Joshua was the name. We learned that Joshua reminded Isreal about all that God had done for them. See, we had a small (I can say small now) scare from the blood test along with subsequent tests, but have recently found out that everything is ok. So Joshua represents what God has done for us as well.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

My new model for the website is a BOY! I was crying during the ultrasound. The technician didn't know what to think, asking if I was ok. I told her I was crying because I was happy, so then she was about to cry too. I didn't realize all these years how much I wanted a boy. Now that I am having one, everyone is telling me about what having a boy is like, both good and bad. I am a little bit worried I won't keep up with his energy (calculating my age when he's 10, etc...).

So I told the tech that I had to bring home an ultrasound pic that reflected the sex so my husband would be convinced for sure it was a boy. He is as elated as I am. It's a good thing this 3rd one is a boy as we were definitely stopping after this one. With the cat, we already rule 4 to 1 girls over boys in the household.