Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well I am trying to find that one stop shop organization to belong to that will help me with all my needs. Not sure if there is just one out there, but let me tell you what I found along the way.

I am a member of Ladies Who Launch, which is an organization that helps women launch into the entrepreneurial world. I find it very uplifting to get their emails each week and learn about yet another woman and her success. This week's featured lady gave me some insight that will be very beneficial.

I also met an extremely talented and focused person like myself the other day and we're trying to find a woman's group to join together. She told me about the group Christians In Action and that they had a meeting the very next day but she was out of town and couldn't attend. So I attended and not only did I meet a very nice couple there, they can help me improve my search engine optimization for my website. I'll let you know the outcome once I have the scoop. I also won 15 minutes of free radio time on the Christian radio station 1520 am at 12 midnight next Tuesday night. I figure someone will be out there listening. So as I am organizing my thoughts, the featured lady referenced above talks just on the very topic of public speaking and gave out tips on public speaking. Small world isn't it? Her tips made sense and I am going to use them.

I now think it's good to belong to a few organizations for support.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today is an awesome day! I met with Lion Country Safari and they are going to sell one of the clothing lines I've imported in their gift shop! We are working quickly to get the stock on display for this weekend, since it's a big holiday weekend. They will get about 10,000 people coming through this weekend! happy days for Kaboodle Kids. The best part is that their website is incluing a link to Kaboodle Kids website. No better way to promote my company.

Now the only bad part of my day was that as I was driving to Lion Country Safari, I passed the entrance and when I doubled back I was pulled over for speeding! Bummer - there went all my profits!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tired from a family vacation and excited to be presenting the Hooligans line of clothes to a well established company. I need God on my side on this one.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Well I've had downs and ups since I last wrote. The home party went well for the few people that showed up. Saturday morning is not a good time to have a home party. I am thinking Thursday night is probably best. I learned that when people see the clothes they do buy them. It was a hit selling to the local daycare last week. Many commented on the uniqueness of the clothes. Lots of sales here. I think they also liked the convenience of the browse in the morning at kid dropoff and at pickup in the afternoon, pick up the clothes and pay. Couldn't shop at any more convenience. I never worked so hard! But it was fun being weary. Uggh! gotta go, child puking in the night!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Marketing is keeping me busy. I am gearing up for my first home party on Saturday. I am also going to have a display for two days at a local daycare next week. I like the ad we're going to publish next week... too busy to shop, we'll bring the shopping to you. Hopefully I can get some quick sales that way. I am realizing that when people touch and feel the clothes, they are interested and I can get them to buy. Not until they have made the first purchase will they be able to feel comfortable going back to the website to make the next purchase because they now know the quality and feel of the clothes. I hope my intuition is right.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I have a new found appreciation for those that are great at marketing. It now consumes my every day life but I don't think I am good at it, which can be quite frustrating. I have a few ideas I am working on. I need to maintain that persistent attitude.