Saturday, February 18, 2006

After over a week in customs, I finally picked up my first order of merchandise late yesterday! The freight time was 1 week and it takes longer in customs. The freight and customs process is quite an experience. You definitely need to find the right broker to get the job complete. I tried to find my own broker and compare prices to my suppliers recommended brokers. I found that my suppliers recommended brokers were the same price and they knew what they were talking about. Since I knew this first time would be a learning experience for me, it is worth it. Once I go through this same process with my second supplier, I'll find out which broker I like best and by consolidating to one broker, I can save on a few of the fees. I had a blast looking through all the merchandise last night. The clothes are so cute! I have no doubt the clothes will sell, I just need to market my products well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Although I have a domain name,, I am looking for the best domain: It is currently owned by a woman named Catherine but is not being used today. I called her and left a message to see if she was going to renew the domain as it will expire in April of this year. I am hoping she'll give it to me or let me purchase it from her for like $50.00. She called today and did state that she was willing to sell it, although she is going to call me back with a price. She lead me to believe she just wanted to cover the cost of having it. Hopefully that is the case. This could be a great day!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Legal questions... who can I trust to answer my legal type questions? I asked attorneys I knew through my work and others that had connections to give me a reference of someone they know and trust. I came up empty handed. I realized I needed to find one on my own. I went to to the internet of cousre - Martindale-Hubbell as a start and the first one on the list was my own former city mayor Dan Oates. He can be found at - Oates & Oates, PA. What a coincidence and I had forgotten he was an attorney. So I gave him a call and spoke with Dan concerning some basic corporate stuff from occupational licenses through business continuity plans, which Dan was very helpful. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't paying for these basic answers. He helped me with all my questions and is researching one last area for me. I am very impressed and pleased with the service.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I am disappointed yet again with the Logo Loft. They sent me all my files, after I called them of course and found two issues with my final product. One of the letters in the logo was missing a few pixels at the top and the gif file was not in the transparent format. I had tested this by putting the logo over a patch of color other than white and noticed how horribly fuzzy the edges were. I probably wouldn't have tested this but since I've been designing my website, through Volusion, I am eagerly anticipating putting my new logo on my test website and have planned to put the logo over a solid color background. The Logo Loft tried to quickly remedy the issue and sent me yet another substandard product... very disappointing. I don't mind mistakes but a thorough recovery is key.

I am very pleased with Volusion however. As I am putting together my website, Volusion's technical customer service is phenomenal! I call them often and they don't seem to mind.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I am actually disappointed with The Logo Loft with the service I am receiving. The reviews I found on the net showed The Logo Loft to have high marks. I am finding that my husband is actually more creative and I continually need to follow up with The Logo Loft on each step of the way.

I first received four different designs. Initially none of them wowed me. So I looked on the net and tried to understand what other companies do to make catchy logos. What I saw in other logos was that there was a design or picture around or using one of the letters of the company name. That's when my husband came in and took one of the original 4 designs and made some high level adjustments using Paint Shop Pro to give us an idea of what his idea could look like. We did like the font on one of the designs, called Happy Happy Joy Joy. I must say, The Logo Loft is very good at following our instructions once you give them the creative changes. It was a dual role on both parts.

I should be getting my final logo very soon and am happy with my final company logo.