Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In my third year now, my mind races at the thought of how Kaboodle Kids is doing. Will the company survive where so many other startups failed? What makes a company successful? Of course, profitability is the bottom line of true success... or is it? What I got in the mail today showed me that although making a profit is important to maintain and survive, I found another aspect I feel makes Kaboodle Kids successful today.

You see, I got a letter from Feed The Children today. It contained a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of Kaboodle Kids, basically saying that the contributions Kaboodle Kids has provided in the past 12 months is equivalent to provide 49,830 lifesaving meals for our country's hungriest children. I am in awe at our small 10% donations and what it can do for all those people! If there is any time I feel like giving up, I'll have to bring out that certificate.

Now I am wondering since our contributions are earmarked for the Abandoned Baby Center in Kenya, does my money go farther there????

I did a quick calculation, 365 days in a year times 3 meals = 1095 meals per year for 1 person. 49,830 divided by 1095 = 45 people were fed for the year! and my husband is worried about this new baby we're having... at least we know we can feed him! ;-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Part two of the Kids Fashion Show starring the Hooligans line first is Madi wearing the Loving Africa Giraffe Dress, having a great time on stage. I would say she was our most livliest model we had. She definitely knows how to boogey down!

Emily, my daughter, is on the right wearing the Cargo Mesh Skirt and Safari Girl Top. She was quite shy as is her nature but did like doing the fashion show and told me she wants the outfit as well. What I love is that the tops mix and match quite well with all the skirts.

Dominic came on stage as a supportive brother, holding his sister Alyssa. Dominic is wearing the Cargo Shorts and Africa At Play Shirt while Alyssa is wearing the Lion Scrunch Top and Jungle Layer Skirt.

Our baby model was a no show last minute due to mom wanting to enjoy herself at the Tea Party (I can't say that I blame her.) The rompers are just adorable from Hooligans and are quite popular!
I have some individual pictures of the models at the Trinity Learning Center Kids Fashion Show. These children are modeling the Bug Zoo line.
Here is Delaney and Brianna in the ever twirly Gypsy Dresses, both in the pink and orange prints. I love both prints, but my girls personally love the pink. Christina, (right) is wearing the Dolly Top and Pink Cullottes. This is one of my favorites as the cullottes are so light-weight with the cute flared pantlegs and the top has a flouncy look that moms even buy it one size bigger and have their daughters wear it as a summer dress with leggings. Just this past Friday at a home party I hosted, a mom bought this same outfit and her daughter still had it on when I left, with the cute matching pink hat!

Here is Kira in both the Fairy Dress (right)and the Princess Dress, looking absolutely fabulous! She pulled off the look well as she respresented herself easily as a princess. She loved "dressing up" and once she got over her shyness was able to flounce across the stage and strut her stuff! The Fairy Dress comes in white and pink.

Below (right) is Patrick, who was my most enthusiastic model, until he hit the stage. He became quite shy at the prospect of standing in front of so many people. He is wearing the Surf Panel Shirt and Dip Dye Shorts. His mom loved it so much she bought the whole outfit after the show!

TJ and Isabella are ready for a summer party! TJ has on the Orange Check Shirt and Navy Shorts. This shirt can go with just about anything, black, navy or jean shorts. Isabella is wearing the Voile Party Dress, looking as pretty as ever. She was quite shy so we had a hard time getting a picture of her.

We also gave our viewers at the show a sneak peak at the 3 Tier Dress coming in the Fall. Christina modeled this dress for us. There is also a matching long sleeve top that can be worn with it, but those of us that live in South Florida wouldn't need the extra shirt so we didn't have her model it for this audience.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kaboodle Kids first Children's Fashion Show!

Trinity United Methodist Church put on a "Kids Fashion Show and Tea Party" starring, of course, children that go to Trinity Learning Center and fashions by yours truly... Kaboodle Kids! It was a lot of fun! Besides the fact that there were many things we can do better next year... we got great feedback from those that were there. I think the kids had a lot of fun, as you can see from the picture. Now during the show, they didn't have this casual approach as you see them now after the show has ended. There was the abrupt stop,
turn around I am outta here, and the deer in headlights stare among the many poses we got! These are all pictures of the group afterwards playing with the many toys we had as props on the stage to lure them. Coming soon will be the pictures of the children in the show in each of the brands, Bug Zoo and Hooligans.