Monday, April 28, 2008

Howdy! We had a "Wild West" family weekend trip to the Westgate River Ranch in Central Florida, horseback riding, hayrides and rodeos (I didn't go horseback riding though). Let's see, we also went on an airboat ride, swamp buggy ride and the weather was perfect for swimming. The girls were fun to watch as they somewhat petted the animals at the petting zoo.

Many of you out there want to see my baby bump so here is the latest pic from this past weekend playing putt putt with the girls. So I am in the final stretch, officially in the third trimester now. Baby Joshua has been kicking up a storm. I am trying to keep as active as possible. Oh but I found a better pic since I had a chance to review all the pics so I'll add this one too of us outside the "Wild West" town.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kids Fashion Show in 3 weeks!!! Can I pull it off? I am already committed so I guess so. The one thing I have going for me is that I just spoke to a woman who has done a children's fashion show and I got some great ideas... like remember, kids don't do anything you want them to do so just go with the flow and many more of course. I've been brainstorming all night. I have twenty minutes to MC this thing and then it's tea time (well lunch) and hopefully shopping. It should be a fun time, but also tiring. I'll be about 28 weeks pg then so I'll be even larger than I already am! What am I thinking!?! As I am writing this, I feel him kicking. He's quite a mover and a shaker at night!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Who would have thought Kaboodle Kids could have reached so far? Check out our customer raves on our website. I have customer feedback as far as London, UK. Thanks Sofiya for your input!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Kaboodle Kids is going international! I've come to find out that every little blip in how I run Kaboodle Kids usually turns out to be a new stepping stone. Just recently, I had a customer email me from out of country trying to get an affordable shipping rate outside of the expensive express/overnight shippers. Based on her order, I had shipping prices from everywhere and found that the US Post Office 7-10 business days was the cheapest. It seems the international group won't mind the wait in exchange for the price. So I had a shipping rate for this one customer as a flat rate in the system for all to see in that country. Well what do you know, someone else ordered a nice size order with that flat shipping rate. No issues but I learned a valuable lesson. I remembered to change that flat shipping rate to something more in line to the average order and added many more countries to the list. I shouldn't be limiting myself to just the US. So if you are in a country I don't sell to today, let me know and we can change that.