Monday, February 18, 2008

So here is the picture of our Bug Zoo showroom at Vegas. I think it looked great, not to cluttered and well layed out for easy viewing of all items. We also moved things around throughout the show so it did change a little bit since this pic.

There were certain outfits people just had to stop and touch every time, like that white Track Suit with the dark pink flowers, and the white Fairy Dress. White is very eye catching, but as most moms say here in the US, it get's dirty too fast, buy it in the pink color instead. So why do we have bleach then?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Vegas was awesome! Well worth it! Glad that the stars aligned for this to work out. (Although my husband got into an accident with my daughter while I was gone... but it wasn't his fault.) I came home to no van. Made it a little tricky when I had to go pick up freight today from customs... had to jam it in.

Not sure how I am even awake as I flew the red eye and arrived at 8 am this morning and haven't slept yet. Can't figure out when the time change will wear off.

It was great to see Chantel from Bug Zoo and reconnect since I hadn't seen her since last year when I went to visit South Africa. I learned a lot watching her communicate the story of Bug Zoo to potential wholesale customers and understand the value Bug Zoo has to offer the US and am proud to be the US agent for them. I did have to remind her that her visit to the US, being Vegas, was not really what the US is. The Disney for adults playhouse should not represent a tourist's first impression of what the US really is.

Friday, February 01, 2008

My husband and I got away for a few days without the kids and I got some much needed reading and thinking time. I found a great book I bought off the Sales Divas website (actually I get her email newsletters and ordered the book in late December) called "Power and Soul". It's about 42 entrepreneurs sharing their secrets for creating the business and life of their dreams. I recommend her newsletter as she shares tips on sales. It's very helpful to get these emails as it reminds me to focus on sales. As my husband has noted in the past, I have a habit of being very busy but not focusing on the important stuff.

I have read only about a quarter of the book but wanted to share some encouraging quotes from some of these entrepreneurs like, "One day I learned from a very successful business coach that you can 'take five years to become an overnight success'." "If you can do it all yourself, your dream isn't big enough!" and the one that hit home the most with me being only two years in my business dream is, "the temptation to quit will be greatest just before you're about to succeed". I love that one as that is exactly where I've been at the beginning of this year.

I am realizing that wholesale is the way for me to survive and I haven't found them in the Bug Zoo line as I have in the Hooligans line. I was wondering what to do when BAM! out of the blue, Bug Zoo emails me that they have been invited through the AGOA (African Growth Opportunity Act) to participate in the Magic Show in Vegas. I will be representing Bug Zoo there as the US agent. I am hoping great things come of this. I want to see lots of happy interested buyers. Wish us luck!