Thursday, June 22, 2006

One Mom's Quest for a Flexible Work Arrangement - does that sound familiar? Well yes, it's about me. I got an email the other day from another mom who is doing something similar to me and has been reading my blog and getting inspiration. Can you believe it? Who would have thought my little snippets of dialogue would help someone else? I am very honored that she wanted to write about me in her blog... a lovely story about me. I am so touched. So read her blog Boobba Baby Blog, and she also has her website selling products for mommies and babies Boobba Baby.

I need to figure out how to add other people's blogsites to my side panels. Someday I promise to do that.
So yesterday afternoon turned out ok after all. I went back to the preschool for the final portion of the day and the sales kept coming! I hit my lowered adjusted target going $1 over, which I didn't even think I'd get! I suppose God had a hand in that one! So I am happy again.

Today I went back to Lion Country Safari for a replenishment order. It looks like they went through about a quarter of the stock. So that will be a nice order to fill. I'll probably go back next week to bring them the stock. That makes me delightfully happy! I am also pleased to see them sell some stock that I can't seem to sell. I gotta get with Animal Kingdom at Disney and Busch Gardens. Here I come!

Then next week I'll be at the hair cutting place to sell only boys clothing. I hope that goes well. I also have a meeting with a school next week to discuss fund raising options with them. Sounds very promising!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am disappointed today. My first day care display went so well that I had high hopes for this second one. Today is the final day and it didn't do as well. I did get some sales and have turned hopeful as every sale is a potential second one... and they are on my email list after all!

I do have another possibility next week. Since I am having trouble selling the boys clothes (moms always buy more for the girls), I found a great place to display boys clothes only... a kids salon! The owner reminded me that her bread and butter are the boys that come in to get their hair cut every 4-6 weeks, not like girls who can wait months. And one of the ladies who cuts hair there piped up the fact that it is hard to find unique clothes for boys (she has boys). So there it was settled. We agreed that I will bring in the boys clothes Saturday, July 4 and we'll see how it goes. I am uplifted yet again.

To top it off, I had lunch with not only my old pals from work, but also a boss I had four years ago. It was great to see them. Boy do I need to get out more and socialize!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Today I am feeling disorganized. I have so many different types of advertising going on I can't keep up. So today is organization day where I now have all the on-line marketing written down and organized. Don't get me wrong, I've been organized. All my local advertising and Google/Yahoo ads are on Excel. I am one of those types that calculates the ROI on every advertising type. I won't do it again unless it does something for me. I just didn't have one area complete and that was all these mommy message boards and sites that I am getting from new people I am meeting. Every new person I meet, I check out their website and see what links they have to see if they know about something I don't. I've been getting caught up in joining everything that I am now regrouping and seeing what is paying off. Even these new friends tell me what listed on their site actually works, which is helpful.

Tomorrow starts another 2-day display of my goods in a daycare. This is so far my best marketing. Don't make moms go out to shop, bring it to them where they are, dropping off their kids before work. Get them on that impulse shopping, while other moms are ooohing and aaaahing the clothes, they can't pass it up! I should know, I am a mom too.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A funny thing happened. I was checking my web stats after the radio interview aired and I noticed I had a huge web hit the week before instead, from June 6 - 11 and I couldn't figure out why. Well I had a lovely surprise when I went to the gym and listened to one of the podcasts while working out - 101 Uses For Baby Wipes (a little late)... and heard a free Kaboodle Kids advertising plug! How AWESOME! I had sent in an email tip for dads from the first daddy panel from the week before. I had no idea he was going to read my email and make comments and talk about Kaboodle Kids and give my website address. It really made my day! I would love to thank him by sending a cute outfit for his kid. So

You know the first person I called was my husband and I couldn't reach him by his cell. Now he gets on me all the time for not carrying my cell on me at all times (for when he needs to get a hold of me - like when he wants me to pick up something for him :-) So I nailed him. That was fun!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am proud most of all in that Kaboodle Kids paid all its own bills for two months in a row! It's a great accomplishment I think.
So last night my interview played on WEXY 1520 radio station. Funny that I couldn't even hear it as I must live too far north. I'll be able to pick up a copy of it today sometime. I wonder how many people heard it and if they felt compelled to check out my site. I didn't get any orders but I am coming to expect that. Most of my marketing ideas don't get orders, just usually exposure, which I am sure will help in the long run.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I like this flexible working schedule. I got to take the kids to the Miami Seaquarium yesterday with a friend and her little girl as well. They had a great time.

Well time has flown by and I have not had a chance to hear the interview that will be playing this evening. I hope I can stay up long enough to hear it live on the radio. It should be fun. I hope it sounds ok. I am a little nervous just thinking about it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I really wanted to blog yesterday as I had such a great day but the site was down so I am blogging today.

I went in today to pre-record my very first radio broadcast! We were going to do it live but as things turned out, we were delayed and since I was a little bit nervous we had the time to pre-record it. It was a lot of fun! and we were actually live for a while during the testing of the mics, we were just talking and our voices actually came through live underneath the live broadcast. I guess people were calling in saying they could hear people talking and that was me and Ambassador Monzell. That helped to make me feel a little less nervous.

Actually Ambassador Monzell made me feel very comfortable and I found that I have the gift of gab. Yes I couldn't believe it myself! Once I got going, I could talk for hours. It was a good thing I was being interviewed and controlled. So Ambassador Monzell asked me questions like what Kaboodle Kids was about, how I got started, why did I choose South African clothes to sell, my involvement with Feed The Children, etc... He did an excellent job of flowing it all together. He's going to add background jazz and it should be awesome. I'll be able to hear it on Monday. It goes live on WEXY1520 AM on Tuesday night midnight or you could say very early Wednesday morning.

So that reminds me to do something to the website. There is a question at the end of each customer's purchase on the website to state how they heard about me, I am going to now add radio broadcast. Now that is cool!

Don't worry this is not going to my head. Well it can for about a week or so then I am back to being me again.

But my day did not end there... I had just got my flyers completed and I was driving around businesses today to drop off and I was able to get some new business in two different areas that you'll hear about in the coming blogs. It was a great day! Praise God! He's definitely working my business.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just to let you know that my idea of spending more time with the kids didn't include more poopy pants that I could handle! I love my children but potty training really sucks! I just had to get that out. Yesterday I had to just throw out my daughter's panties at the park. She didn't even look remorseful. I am losing this battle!

Monday, June 05, 2006

I found a neat blog roll last week "So Close" and added my blog onto it as well. Even though I've been bloggin now for awhile, I really am now starting to get involved in the community of bloggers. There are a lot of them out there and I am realizing I need to spruce mine up a bit. I sent an email out to one of the bloggers who I though most identified with me and she responded! How excited I was! There are a lot of great people I am going to meet through all this.